For your safety & security

24 hour CCTV

Although there are Security Personnel stationed at the main entrance of the building, who patrol the common areas, like carparks, lobbies, and all floors etc; our Facility is further protected by 24 hour CCTV. Activated by movement sensors, any activity is, of course, recorded, and monitored offsite.

PIN Access

Access to the Facility is by Personal Identification Number (PIN) at the main entrance to the Facility, and for your convenience, you pick the number yourself. This ensures that only authorised personnel are able to access to the Facility.

Regular Pest Control

The Terms & Conditions in our Agreement prohibit the storage of food or perishable items, specifically to prevent attracting pests. As an added precaution, A Safe Place also conducts regular preventative pest control maintenance by a reputable pest control company.

Storage Protection

One of the Value Added Services we provide is Insurance Coverage for your belongings. While we do have insurance for our Facility, the coverage provided for our Customer’s belongings are minimal, so we have arranged separate insurance coverage, free of charge, for your possessions, based on the size of your Storage Vault. Furthermore, if you feel that you would be comfortable with a little more coverage, above what we provide, we can put you in touch with our underwriters, and they will be able to assist you with arrangements.