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Five tips to observe when choosing a self-storage facility

If you are considering a storage space in Singapore for the extra space you need to keep your valued possessions, don’t be overwhelmed by the host of information provided by the different self-storage companies which have popped up in Singapore over the past few years. In this blog, we offer five tips to observe when looking for a storage space for rent in Singapore

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You will need an accurate measurement of your required storage unit. A unit that is too small for example, a locker for rent might not be not be able to accommodate all your items. Moreover packing your storage boxes too tightly will not allow you the space to move your boxes, open or check on your items. A unit that is too large will have extra space you are paying for. To ensure you get a unit of the right size, make an inventory of all the items you need to store and estimate the space you need. Rent a size that is the next largest to the estimated space to get the ideal-sized storage unit. Consult the professionals at A Safe Place for an accurate assessment.

Tip #2: Ask About Temperature Controlled Units


If you are storing items that require a specific temperature and humidity level, make sure you ask for a storage unit that is within an air-conditioned facility. This is especially true if you are storing wines. At A Safe Place all our units are air-conditioned.

Tip #3: Pay an on-site visit before agreeing to rentals

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It is important to visit the site and check the facility yourself. Look for security systems, access controls, guard presence, cleanliness, maintenance, and location of the building before choosing it as your ideal facility.

Tip #4: Look beyond just the rental rate

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Make sure you check all your options in the area when looking for a storage faculty near you. Arrange to meet up with the facility manager and consider the quality of service offered as well, before deciding.

Tip #5: Ask About the Insurance

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Be informed of the company’s insurance policy on the damage or loss of items.

Armed with these five tips on self-storage, you need to look no further! Speak to a professional consultant at A Safe Place, today. We offer advice and can arrange for a walk-in for you to view our facility to help you meet your self-storage needs. We are just a call or click away.

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