Term Discounts for All Facilities

For Agreements signed for the following terms, A Safe Place offers the following discounts:

For a Term of

6 Months

½ month discount

For a Term of

12 Months

1¼ month discount

For a Term of

18 Months

2 month discount

For a Term of

24 Months

2¾ month discount

Introductory Discounts for our West Facility

During the month of May


For Agreements signed during this period, A Safe Place will absorb all GST. Even if the Rental Term falls outside the promotional period, as long as the Agreement is signed during the period, A Safe Place will honour the discount.

Free Collection

For Agreements signed for minimum of 12 months, A Safe Place will provide transport and manpower for your initial move into our Storage Facility, at no cost. This does not include any packing. Furniture should be wrapped with corrugated board or at least plastic wrap to prevent any damage during the collection, and smaller items should be packed in boxes or containers for protection.

Free Packing

For every 50 sq ft of Vault size rented, A Safe Place will provide 10 medium cartons and a roll of masking tape, free of charge. If you require more boxes or other packing material, we have a variety of materials available, at reasonable prices, for purchase on our website at A Safe Shop.